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Boat Canopy

When it comes to boat canopies, we've got you covered!

Due to a highly unstable and shaky environment, manufacturing a reliable Boat Canopy is a tough job. At Al Bedeed, we choose the right materials to ensure your Boat Canopy lasts longer and is reliable, all with utmost cost-effectiveness.

A boat canopy will expand your usable living and storage space on your boat and make it more usable all year round. With multiple options and fittings for all boats a new boat canopy can complete change your boat.

Have a specific look or feel in mind? We have a wide range of materials to suit your requirements. Want to match the canopy material to the paintwork of your boat or internal upholstery – no problem!

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Boat Trailer

We manufacture high quality customized boat trailers that tow easily and seamlessly, while accurately supporting your boat’s hull. If you’re looking for a trailer that looks as good as your boat so you can tow in style? Welcome to Al Bedeed!!.

Al Bedeed Boats can easily provide custom/bespoke boat trailers at very little extra cost if any.

Best solution: Some of the reasons we get asked for a bespoke trailer/ custom built boat trailer is simply that customers want the best possible solution for their boat.Our job is to give you the best road legal trailer at the best price and often these are bespoke/custom built trailers in some way and at no or a or very small extra cost. Where there are options we will always give you them so that you can establish if the small amount extra is worth it.

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Fiber glass buoys

We manufacture a range of high quality Buoys. Our Buoys are known for their Reliability, Durability and Unique Performance whatever the extreme conditions they face.

The molded fiberglass buoys incorporate superior design and construction characteristics which provide stable, long‐life marking of channels. Offshore versions are also available.


o Polyurethane closed‐cellular foam completely fills the buoy

o Both lighted and unlighted buoys are available.

o Colors and markings suitable for all systems of buoyage can be supplied.

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Fiberglass Pool Chair

We also manufacture good quality fiber glass pool chairs to style your Pool sitting space. Our nice designed shape provides perfect support for your body and gives you an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

This range of handcrafted fibreglass seating includes various geometrically-shaped modular pieces of furniture ideal for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Products are an attractive, contemporary alternative to more traditional materials, bringing a splash of colour to outdoor seating areas.

The range has been designed for mix and match use or standalone single units. Each piece of furniture is handmade by highly skilled crafts people. The entire range is composite moulded fibreglass which is the perfect outdoor furniture material as its weatherproof, long lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

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